• Chocolate Candy Ganache Cookie

    Baby Ruth Ganache Cookie

    November 7th, 2015

    Who knew that Baby Ruth chocolate bars were so good?  Did you get the memo? I had my first one ever last month and now I’m worried about my clothes fitting me because let’s just say I’ve had more than one since last month. (I’m maybe worried about my above-average cholesterol too, but let’s be […]

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  • Apple Fritters

    Apple Freaking Fritters

    July 11th, 2015

    Take a deep breath, and get ready. Fry up some oil, baker-friend, ’cause these fritters ain’t gonna fry themselves up into the sinful oblivion known as your New Favorite Dessert. I made these for The Husband’s birthday because a) I had already made almost every kind of lemon recipe in the history of ever (his […]

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  • PB Brownie Crumble Bars

    Peanut Butter Brownie Crumble Bars

    March 14th, 2015

    I have a hard time naming desserts, because I never find it possible to express exactly how excited I am about all of the layers and ingredients and degrees of sin. Like this winner: there’s the peanut butter cookie layer, which on its own would be satisfying as a last meal on death row.  But […]

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  • Classic Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Frosting

    Classic Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Frosting

    November 22nd, 2014

    This is a recipe for exactly what you want to see with candles on top of it on your birthday- a mass of chocolate frosting with layers of amazing vanilla cake going on amidst it all.  Layers of cake created essentially as a vehicle to support the real reason birthday cake was invented- which is […]

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  • Chocolate Cake Ice Cream Cones

    Chocolate Cake Ice Cream Cones

    July 5th, 2014

    First off, let’s get this out of the way: yes, it IS possible to bake cake into ice cream cup cones. So now that you know that, I know you won’t be able to not make these.  Who needs cupcakes when you can have cake cones?  Especially in the summer? Secondly, let’s get this out of […]

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  • July 4th Flag Cake

    July 4th Red Velvet & Cream Cheese Flag Cake

    July 2nd, 2014

    I know.  It’s impressive.  It’s so… American. You can’t not sing the national anthem (or at least hum it in your head) after slicing into this patriotic cake.  You can’t not see fireworks after stabbing your fork into the layers of Red Velvet Cake and Buttermilk Vanilla Cake glued together with Cream Cheese Frosting.  And you can’t not love […]

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  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches

    Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches

    June 25th, 2014

    Why have one cookie when you can sandwich two together with a particularly decadent chocolate ganache frosting? And don’t cheap out on the cookie size, alright?  The joy of a cookie sandwich is to bite into the sloppiness of two regular sized cookies, feeling giddy because you get TWO of them with even more joy glueing them […]

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  • Lemon Cookie Bars with Lemony Glaze

    Lemon Cookie Bars with Lemony Glaze

    May 21st, 2014

    Lemon on lemon. If you like lemon, then this dessert is for you. If you like crunchy cookie situations with tart icing on top, then you’ll love me forever. And if you like being lazy (rather than waiting for 9 minutes for each sheet of cookies to maybe be done baking, oh- 1 more minute and […]

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  • Chocolate Truffle Sandwich Cookies

    Chocolate Truffle Sandwich Cookies

    April 16th, 2014

    Remember the Double Chocolate Buttermilk Cookies?  Yeah, well, these are them on crack. Cookies are exciting on their own, I full well realize.  But making a dessert out of two cookies and glueing them together with something as decadent as ganache, well, that’s another story.  Pull out a plate of pretty much any kind of cookie […]

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  • Cinnamon Sticky Buns

    Cinnamon Sticky Buns

    February 26th, 2014

    I just made one of my dreams come true.  (Well, technically a dozen dreams, since this recipe makes 12 puffy and sticky and wondiferous cinnamon buns.) Because I know you’re keenly interested, let’s have a discussion about The History of Cinnamon Buns in My Life, shall we?  I don’t remember where it started, so I’ll […]

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  • Red Velvet Cake

    Red Velvet Cake

    February 8th, 2014

    Finally, I understand what all the fuss is about. I was living under a bit of a rock, I’m afraid. But now I’ve seen the light.  I’ve baked my way into it and there’s no turning back. I’m talking about this glorious Red Velvet Cake, which is rich, moist, and almost crushed under the weight […]

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  • Cinnamon Buttermilk Bundt Cake

    Cinnamon Buttermilk Bundt Cake

    January 30th, 2014

    It’s the simple things in life that are so damed good sometimes. Like Bundt cakes.  Bundt cakes make me happy.  Giddy, really.  It’s kind of goofy, but by now you know that goofy comes with the Moore Sweets, Please package.  (I don’t know if there is a site called More Serious Sweets, Please, but if […]

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  • Chocolate Banana Buttermilk Cupcakes w. Truffle Frosting

    Chocolate Banana Cupcakes with Chocolate Banana Truffle Frosting

    January 22nd, 2014

    Yes, this dessert happened.  And there’s no turning back.  My life will never be the same and now yours will never be either. On the ‘How Incredible Are These, Really?’ scale, I think I have to give them a ‘Really Freaking Incredible’ rating (nearing the territory of ‘Total and Utter Perfection’, only awarded to the […]

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  • Ganache Stuffed Fudge Brownies

    Ganache-Stuffed Fudge Brownies

    December 14th, 2013

      This dessert has the potential to change your life. I know you might think that’s a bit of a bold statement, and I know you might think I’m a bit of an exaggerator (I’ve bragged relentlessly about the Decadent Deep-Dish Pecan Pie and the Classic Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting, because they too […]

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  • Chocolate Sour Cream Cake with Chocolate & Sour Cream Glaze

    Chocolate Sour Cream Cake with Chocolate & Sour Cream Glazes

    October 5th, 2013

    Don’t get all “sour cream?” on me, with that look on your face. You know that a baked potato would be nothing but for the sour cream (and the cheese and the bacon and the chives, and the butter, too, but you grasp my point), so why question it in a cake? I wondered about […]

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  • Frosting Fudge Brownies

    Frosting Fudge Brownies

    August 4th, 2013

      Some of you might find this disgusting, but for those of you who don’t (my kind of reader), cheers to an over-abundance of frosting. I know your type.  You’re the one that angles for the corner piece of a big square birthday cake when it’s being sliced at a horrible office party, because it’s all […]

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  • Mini Chocolate Nut Cakes

    Mini Chocolate Nut Cakes

    July 21st, 2013

    Bigger isn’t always better. When it comes to dessert. (As long as you can have more of the “good things come in small packages” dessert in question, that is.) Take these little cakes, for example.  Although weensie (made in your mini muffin pan, and therefore ready before you know it- a huge plus in the […]

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  • Oat-Branana Muffins with Cinnamon Glaze

    Oat-Branana Muffins with Cinnamon Glaze (Vegan!)

    February 27th, 2013

    I have no idea why, but I had a hankering to make something with oat bran.  Oat bran sounds terrifically unfun, doesn’t it? (Well, wheat germ takes the cake in the “this doesn’t sound like I’m going to love it” department, but oat bran is a close second.  Sorry, I’m forgetting about All Bran.  All […]

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