• Mayan Mystery Chocolate Cookies

    Spicy Chocolate Mayan Cookies

    July 23rd, 2016

    Fear not the chocolate fire ball; a little spice never hurt any chocoholic (at least not permanently). Mixing savory and weird flavors with chocolate is all the rage these days (remember my Bacon Brownies?  I trepidatiously jumped on that bandwagon, if you even consider bacon a daring choice.).  I’ve tried chocolate-covered gummy bears recently, and I […]

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  • Pepper Jack Biscuits

    Pepper Jack Biscuits

    January 9th, 2016

    Don’t let the anemic-looking biscuits in the picture above deter you from making these, because they are unreasonably easy and and at least seven times better tasting than they look.  (I have been down this biscuit-busting road before, I know.  For some reason our oven decided not to like me, from the day we moved […]

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  • Bacon Boursin Biscuits

    Bacon Boursin Biscuits

    January 14th, 2015

    These are quite spectacularly excellent, as I know you’d expect pretty much anything with bacon in it to be. A friend brought the LCBO’s most fantabulous Food & Drink magazine on a recent visit (one of the things I miss most about Ontario, but not as much as Niagara-on-the-Lake and Cherry Blasters.  Oh, and our families, of […]

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  • Oatmeal Honey Butter Buns

    Oatmeal Honey Butter Rolls

    October 23rd, 2014

    I needed a recipe to remind me why it’s worth it to bake with yeast again.  Because sometimes yeast and I don’t get along… like when I made these Hot Cross Buns (which ended up not so hot… a lukewarmish success at best.  Lukewarm Cross Buns.  Not Hot.). I found it.  (Thanks to Marilyn, the woman […]

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  • Gruyere Gougeres Cheese Puffs

    Gruyere Gougeres (Cheese Puffs)

    April 26th, 2014

    Gruyère Gougères?  A recipe with two accents in its name?  Sounds complicated, and maybe not even all that good.  (Be not afraid of the accent… as proven with Creme Brûlée.) All you need to know is that this recipe is an absolute must- that is of course if you like things that are flaky, buttery, and MADE […]

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  • Bacon Parmesan Cornbread

    Bacon Parmesan Cornbread

    December 4th, 2013

    Just say “yes” to bacon. And while you’re add it, invite cheese to the party, because cheese should be welcome at any party (even the strange party known as the Apple Oatmeal Swiss Cheese Muffin). (But really: bacon.  The Husband and I went to Baconfest a couple of years ago and indulged in like 50 […]

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  • White CHeddar, Bacon & Mayo Biscuits

    White Cheddar, Bacon & Mayo Biscuits

    October 26th, 2013

    Trust me on this one. I know you weren’t worried about the white cheddar part, and certainly not the bacon part, but you did pause at the mayo part, didn’t you?  Don’t get set in your ways, crusty old baker… remember how good the Chocolate Sour Cream Cake with Chocolate and Sour Cream Glaze was?  And […]

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  • Panko Sea Salt Brownies

    Panko & Sea Salt Chocolate Crunch Brownies

    May 1st, 2013

    Don’t be afraid. I know it sounds strange.  But have I ever led you astray?  (Other than in my series of disasters, like the Unforgiveable BLANDies, which were supposed to be amazing White Chocolate Cashew Blondies if I remembered to add the sugar.) But let’s digress from my little kitchen indiscretions.  Let’s focus on your newest […]

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  • Black Pepper & Nutmeg Popovers

    Black Pepper & Nutmeg Popovers

    January 5th, 2013

    If I’m not going to bake something sweet, then it had better be a buttery winner. Usually my forays into the savory world involve cheese (too bad cheese and sweets just don’t work together, do they?), but this time I went off the cheesy path and went back to the good old-fashioned popover. I saw […]

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  • Parmesan Cheese Straws

    Gouda Puff Pastry Straws

    November 28th, 2012

    You know that I am partial to sweets.  Clearly.  But sometimes a savory treat just totally and completely hits the spot, and I have just figured out why: it’s the cheese.  Do you think I could start a “More Cheese, Please” website, too?  (I just Googled it, and it’s taken- at least the .org and […]

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  • Cream Cheese Cheddar Herb Biscuits

    Cream Cheese Cheddar Herb Biscuits

    September 26th, 2012

    This is the original biscuit.  The biscuit that I always come back to, the one I’ve been making for years.  Let’s be real- any time you take cheddar and mix it together with herbs, good things happen.  But when you take them and pulse them in the blender with cream cheese (and a few other […]

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  • PretzelsSweetSalty

    Buttery Soft Pretzels- Sweet or Salty

    May 2nd, 2012

    How do you prefer your pretzels- salty (with chunks of salt scattered across the top), or sweet (with cinnamon sugar sprinkled over the well-buttered surface of the still-warm dough)?
    It doesn’t matter, my friend, because you have both options catered to in this recipe. As long as you like them soft and chewy, you’ll be just fine.

    I know I have complained about yeast recipes before, and I will absolutely complain again (although less so in this recipe, because you’re not letting the dough rise twice)- but I was inspired to make pretzels for three reasons:

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  • CornmealChipotleCheddarBiscuits

    Cornmeal Cheddar Chipotle Biscuits

    March 14th, 2012

    Ho-ly cow, fellow biscuit lover- these biscuits are the real deal: cheezy and savory with just a touch spicy chipotle heat to keep them honest.

    (It’s questionable to me why I still crave cheese biscuits at all, in light of the many part-time shifts I spent toiling in the kitchen at Red Lobster in the 90s… baking their “Cheddar Bay Biscuits”, slathering them with their “Liquid Buttery Sauce”. People ate those freaking biscuits up like they were going out of style. I could barely keep up with the biscuit-binging demands of the typical Red Lobster customer. I am surprised that talking about cheese biscuits doesn’t give me a nervous tick.)

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  • Herb_Parmesan_Focaccia

    Easy Herby Parmesan Focaccia

    January 9th, 2012

    The Husband hinted that I hadn’t made focaccia in a while, so I snapped out of my (life-long, decidedly permanent) sweet spell and put on the savory hat.

    For some reason I always think that it takes So Long to make focaccia, so I don’t do it often. Yet every time I pull out the recipe and begin, I’m reminded that it’s actually quite easy… and if you skip the step of fermenting the yeast ahead of time (which I have done here for this recipe), it’s actually a pretty quick bread to make. In light of that, I might fill our kitchen with the smell of yeasty, herby, cheesy wonder a bit more often.

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