Decapitated Macaroons.

  • Decapitated Macaroons

    I have a rather sordid history with macaroons.

    I burned them in 2012, then again in 2014– and those are just the times I’ve shared openly with you.  Since I’ve been a baker, I’ve charred the crap out of the bottoms of macaroons every six months like clockwork.  That’s a lot of wasted bags of Angel Flake coconut.

    This time, though, I’m proud to say that I salvaged the situation.
    I plucked the tops of the cookies off their burned bases and served them to The Husband as though bottomless cookies were all the rage these days.  Look at the picture above- see how the decapitated macaroon heads off to the right still look edible?  The top ones, at least?  They don’t look appetizing- but edible, for the most part.  Disaster (mostly) averted.

    (If you want the recipe for these cookies, click here.  Don’t leave the kitchen for long to look for your orthotic inserts in the back closet where you’ll miss the sound of the baking timer, though.)



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