• Mint Chocolate Pudding Pots

    Mint Chocolate Pudding Pots

    May 7th, 2016

    These almost look too cute to eat. But when you think about what they’re made of (mint chocolate pudding covered with crumbles of The World’s Greatest Fudge Brownie- yes, meant to look like dirt), you rip out the mint sprig garnish and go to town on the little pots of cuteness.  You can even eat […]

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  • Apple Fritter Pie Sandwiches

    Apple Fritter Pie Sandwiches

    February 6th, 2016

    I’m going to start doing smart things more often, like reading the “100 New Health Discoveries” book The Husband got me for Christmas instead of binge-watching the Holiday Baking Challenge for five straight episodes On Demand (only getting up off the couch once, to pee).  Smart things like doing 5,000-piece puzzles to create smart things called synapses […]

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  • Chocolate Bar Brownie Explosion

    The Chocolate Bar Brownie Explosion

    October 31st, 2015

    Stop pretending you don’t want a piece of this.  (Well, it’s more appropriate to say “a scoop”, since it’s basically chocolate muck with hacked up pieces of candy bars in it.  No- wait- it’s even more appropriate to say you want “a shovel” of it, because, it’s obvious.  You can’t not use a shovel to get the full […]

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  • Raspberry Lemon Crumble Tart

    Raspberry Lemon Crumble Tart

    August 1st, 2015

    It’s really a perfect summer dessert. Take a lemony-shortcake cookie base, then stuff raspberries in between that and a lemony-crumbly topping.  Feel the rays of sunshine on you yet?  I do too!  It just begs for vanilla ice cream and it’s going to get what it asks for, let me tell you.  This dessert has […]

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  • Caramel Donut Sandwich

    Caramel Donut Sandwich

    March 4th, 2015

    I have fantasized about doing this for a very very long time.  Specifically since 2001, when I had my first Krispy Kreme donut ever and realized that donuts had to play a more prominent role in my life.  (Really- KK came to Canada and The Husband and I joined the other gluttons like us in a […]

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  • Healthy Banana Coconut Smoothie

    Healthy Banana Coconut Smoothie

    February 28th, 2015

    Are you feeling like being a good little healthy person?  Especially since it’s so close to your January 1st intention to eat like a healthy person does?  Well, look no further.  This recipe reeks of health and it doesn’t even taste like it. As a rule of thumb, when you throw chia seeds into anything […]

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  • Fruity Pavlova

    Mini Fruity Pavlova

    April 19th, 2014

    I heard a rumor that it’s spring, and since I’m an eternal optimist I am inherently forced to believe it.  The date says it’s spring, but Mother Nature must have one hell of a hangover because she’s still in massive hibernation mode.  It’s okay though, because I’ve found the remedy for winter weather: spring desserts. […]

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  • Healthy Almond Date Balls

    Healthy Toasted Almond Date Balls

    February 12th, 2014

    I am really very excited about this new concoction, and I think you will be too. A) They are totally easy to make (although they do require you to pull out the food processor, so sorry about that). B) They are natural and healthy and energy-packed (which admittedly means caloric, but in a good “have […]

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  • Homemade Maple Syrup

    Homemade Maple Syrup

    January 18th, 2014

    I know, I know.  You’re thinking “why would anyone ever make their own maple syrup?”, and I’m right there with you.  It’s kind of like making your own paper- some people do it, but you question whether you should be friends with them.  There are better things to do in life, right?  Like clicking “Add […]

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  • All Natural Granola Bars

    All-Natural Granola Bars

    January 15th, 2014

    I love making things that are good for you and don’t taste like it. Take this puppy, for example.  It reeks of health, what with the oats and seeds and nuts and other things that your colon loves to love.  But it also tastes like a treat- something you’ll truly have to ration.  It’s the […]

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  • Pear Cranberry Napoleons

    Pear Cranberry Napoleons

    November 17th, 2013

    But really- who doesn’t love a Napoleon?  (You know, the dessert made with layers of puff pastry and other things that aren’t good for your arteries but so very good for your soul?) This is a bit of a slacker Napoleon recipe, so raise a glass to that point first and foremost (meaning, you don’t […]

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  • PumpkinSpiceSmoothie

    Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

    November 13th, 2013

    Autumn in a cup, that’s what this is.  Thanksgiving in a blender (without the turkey and stuffing, because that would be gross.)  Pumpkin pie through a straw.  (Also sounds gross.  Sorry.) Want a guilt-free way to feel like you’re indulging in Pumpkin Pie?  Here you have it.  It’s fast, easy, mostly healthy (seriously- do you […]

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  • Haute Chocolate

    Haute Chocolate

    January 16th, 2013

    Baby, it’s cold outside… (so the song goes). And what better way to warm up than with a cup of outrageous hot chocolate, in front of a fire?  (Well, I’d warm up pretty quickly with a nice glass of wine, but this little site ‘o mine is called More Sweets, Please, not More Booze, Please.) Why ‘haute’ instead […]

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  • Healthy Peanut Butter Balls

    Healthy Peanut Butter Balls

    September 8th, 2012

      Tasty, totally healthy, and easy.  Check, check, check. You know when you’re on a plane, and you’re easily engrossed in anything you have to read in front of you (to stave off the boredom on a flight to Winnipeg, for example), with the exception of the Sky Mall magazine which features hideous ornamental lawn […]

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  • Cinnamon Raisin PB Banana Toast

    THE TOAST POST: Cinnamon Raisin, PB & Banana… Blueberry Cream Cheese Pound Cake Toast

    August 25th, 2012

    I think that toast can still be considered “baking”- especially when it’s all gourmet-ed up and fancified.  And I also think that toast is versatile enough to be considered dessert, especially when it’s void of nasty things like whole grains and it’s chock full of sugary goodness instead of fiber. Take for example the Cinnamon Raisin Toast with […]

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  • Apple Cinnamon Granola

    All-Natural Apple Cinnamon Granola

    July 28th, 2012

    Why buy granola from the grocery store with a whole lot of fat and suspect ingredients when you can just make it at home (minus the fat and suspect ingredients)? (Oh, maybe because you don’t have two hours to spare. Silly excuse.)

    Granola is seriously easy and healthy. And there’s no limit to the combination of flavors that you can throw in- so if apple and cinnamon doesn’t do it for you, get it on with dried ginger and sunflower seeds instead. Or dried pineapple and coconut. Or dried cherries and almonds. (You get the idea.) Regardless what flavor combo you choose, just know you’re eating a wallop of health. (Really- do you have ANY idea how freaking good chia seeds are for you??)

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  • MaraschinoCherries

    Maraschino Cherries

    July 18th, 2012



    I never set out to make maraschino cherries, but fell into it when The Husband and I sat reading our “Raising the Bar” book and keenly observed that the cocktails I gravitated towards called for the little cherry buggers. If there’s anything I know about maraschino cherries, it’s that they are necessary when making Cherry Chew Bars (I’ll so post the recipe near Christmas, when I actually make them), and that the ingredients are revolting. Like most things in a jar in the supermarket. (Did you know that even pickles have sodium benzoate, my new “I refuse to eat anything with that in it” preservative of the moment?)

    So the book extolled the virtues of homemade maraschino cherries, and while I’ll realistically have like 2 or 3 cocktails this whole summer that might actually require them, I was on a mission. (It totally helped that the recipe recommended serving the cherries with ice cream or toasted pound cake. Nice.)

    These are better as they age, so don’t think you’ll make them today and serve them tonight over your vanilla Ben & Jerry’s (or you could, if you wanted, I don’t mean to boss you around). But the magic of the maraschino comes from patience, and more patience. You’re supposed to let them steep in their sugary goodness for at least 24 hours. So get cracking now, and you’ll have them for dessert tomorrow night (or for that drink, right?).

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  • IcedCreamyCoffee

    Creamy Iced Coffee

    June 3rd, 2012

    This is the caffeinated elixir that will become your go-to on a hot day. It’s so good that it might become your go-to on a cool fall day, too, and quite possibly on a blustery cold winter day. The best part about it is that it’s SO easy (yes, SO in caps), so you don’t have any excuses here… none of this “I don’t feel like baking because it’s so hot, but I’m in the midst of a massive sweet craving”, or “I’m too lazy so don’t feel like making anything even though I have a horrendous sweet tooth”. Here’s your answer. And the caffeine will kick you out of lazy mode- hidden benefit.

    There are two options in terms of how you prepare your coffee for this drink… one is Super Fast (hot brewed like normal, and a bit of a corner-cutter), and the other option is Fast But Not As Fast As Super Fast (cold brewed and legit- it’ll take at least 12 hours to steep and develop its’ concentrated goodness, but then you’ll have it on hand for future drinks). Starbucks who? Cheers!

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