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    What is More Sweets, Please?

    Hello, I’m Jodi Wellman~ and all I want to do is bake.

    But since wanting to bake doesn’t pay the bills, I work at The Day Job (which fortunately I love a lot, too) in Chicago and bake up a storm on weekends.

    More Sweets, Please is the culmination of that fine line between baking hobby and obsession… a creative outlet where I can share the recipes that bring me joy with you, the intrepid reader-baker.

    If finding a recipe (or even the picture of a stunning dessert) has the power to take your breath away, then we might have something in common.  If baking something sweet makes you giddy with the thought that you’ll bring happiness to the special people in your life who get to indulge in your creations, then we’ll get along just fine.  I sincerely hope you find a few bingeworthy gems on this site.

    Please send comments to let me know how the recipes turn out, or how you have made any adjustments to improve.  Other than the “World’s Greatest Fudge Brownies” (which aren’t short on confidence~ they’re quite arrogant, in fact), I make no claims that my recipes are better than anyone else’s.  (Well, I do think the Classic Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting recipe is pretty kick-ass, too.)  In fact, I shamefully show my recipes for disaster, which are more regular than I guess I’d like to admit.

    More Sweets, Please Q & A

    Baking loves?

    Caramel.  The taste, the smell, the texture, the look of it when oozing out of a chocolate square or dripping off the edge of a cake.  Making it is also a sort of accomplishment, which makes it a little bit more special.  There’s even a time and place for making and eating a simple Caramel Icing on it’s own.  Or Salted Caramel Sauce.  (Many of you understand this, I know.)

    And chocolate, well, chocolate’s chocolate and nothing pleases a crowd more than chocolate.

    (Caramel + chocolate = true love.)

    Baking musts?

    I do try to use natural and organic ingredients whenever available, and even when they aren’t I spend goofy amounts of money ordering organic stuff from King Arthur Flour (sigh, what a lovely company).  By all means, you don’t have to use organic ingredients (except when zesting citrus fruit- because all I can think of is “zesticide”, otherwise)…
    I am always drawn to recipes that look easy to make (meaning that if I don’t have to take the heavy stand mixer out it’s always a bonus), and I prefer desserts I can toss into the freezer to pull out later as though I just made it fresh this morning.  So… I’ll try to provide recipes on the easy side.  Most of the time.

    Stuck on a desert island with only one baking tool?

    That’s easy.  My offset spatula.  If the island would allow me two gadgets I’d take a microplane (to zest lemons), and if for some reason I was allowed three things, I’d bring a scooper (which I’d use for cookies, muffins, etc.).   (I’m assuming that a Kitchen Aid stand mixer would already be there for regular use.)

    Most intimidating thing to bake?

    Rolling out pie crust pisses me off.  I’ll still do it (The Husband puts in requests for Apple-icious Pie every now and then) but I totally prefer pressing crust into a tin, or no crust at all (a la Banana Coconut Cream Pie).  (Note: I just discovered the use of a silicone rolling pin when making Sweet Cherry Pie, and might have stumbled onto something spectacular.  Stay tuned for details as I roll more crusts out.)

    Most annoying trait (in the kitchen, at least)?

    I have a sort of baking A.D.D., where I can’t just bake one thing at a time.  And then I lie about it, so when The Husband asks how many things I’m baking and when I’ll be done so we can go out and enjoy the nice Saturday weather, I say “Good News!  I’ll be done in like 10 minutes, tops!” and then start to cream the butter & sugar of the last recipe I’m working on, which we all know is the beginning stage of a recipe.  I always think I can get it wrapped up in 10 minutes.  Time seems to stand still in the kitchen.

    Favorite mistake?

    Many.  So very, very many.

    Toppling what I thought was a spectacular four-layer lemon curd 30th birthday cake (for The Husband) in the freezer (where I thought it would set faster- don’t ask) and then trying to piece it back together to serve.  And then trying to clean the frozen bits off the racks in the freezer afterwards.

    See Recipes for Disaster for regular screw-ups.

    Most brilliant kitchen idea of our times?

    The “World’s Greatest Brownie” Upside Down Apron– designed for convenience and coolness at the same time!  Simply glance down at your apron to follow the recipe!  Available for purchase by clicking here!  Exclamation marks make everything more exciting!

    Most common baking misconception?

    That it’s hard.  Baking is easier than most people think, and anyone with an interest in the science and art of making something that makes so many people happy can rest assured knowing that it’s a totally learnable craft.  I’ll always try to break a recipe down to the ridiculous for beginners (I do well at being ridiculous), and try to present a few cool ideas for the experienced readers.  I am no expert, and I try to make that (embarrassingly) evident.  I have no shame.  All I know for sure is that both beginners and experts will look great in the Upside Down Apron!

    Thank you for reading, baking, commenting, and then baking some more.

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