It Was About Time For Another Disaster.

  • Timer Overboard

    YOU:  “What am I even looking at?”

    ME:  “Oh, that’s the kitchen timer countdown thing.”  (Said with a bit of a dismissive tone.)

    YOU:  “But it’s in pieces.”  (Said with a bit of a ‘clearly I’m talking to a mentally handicapped person’ tone.)

    ME:  “Uh huh.”  (Said like everyone does here in the Midwest.)  [Serious ‘uh huh’ culture shock when we got here like a decade ago, really.  Sometimes it’s said with exuberance instead of ‘you’re welcome’, and sometimes it’s said with a flattened air of resignation, like when our yoga teacher sees my form after telling us what to do next.  So it would go like this:  ‘Move into chair pose… (she’d look at me, cover up a wince, then say)… uh huh.’  No- it would be more like ‘Move into chair pose… (look, wince-cover-up, then)… um hmmmm?’, as though with a question mark at the end.]

    YOU:  -silence-

    ME:  “Yeah, so that’s what happens when you have a kitten who thinks things like kitchen timers are toys to knock off the top of the counter while you’re in the shower with a cake baking in the oven.”  (Said passive-aggressively, which is a quality I truly despise now that I’m trying not to be passive-aggressive anymore.)

    YOU:  “What happened?”  (Because you’re riveted by this truly fascinating story.)

    ME:  “The timer had like 10 minutes left on it.  I shower fast so I knew I’d be out in time to hear it beeping, but the beep never came.  I came out maybe 20 minutes later, with the timer in pieces on the kitchen floor.  I fixed the timer.  I couldn’t fix the over-baked cake though.”  (Always a sad story, seeing a Buttermilk Vanilla Cake go to waste*.)

    YOU:  “But didn’t you notice that all that time had passed after you got out of the shower?”

    ME:  -silence-  (Looking at you passive-aggressively, though.)
    *The cake wasn’t wasted.  The Husband just ate it/ choked on it, because obviously I couldn’t serve it to anyone else all crumbly and dried and crusty.




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